Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Andrew Hobden

TiKV Engineer
Originating from Vancouver Island, Andrew grew up surrounded by a untamed wilderness and lived in a mixing pot of cultures. After becoming addicted to the open source community in high school, he has remained a strong advocate ever since.

The wilderness, mix of cultures, and exposure to the open source community had something very interesting in common: Chaos. It does not always destroy, sometimes it creates previously unimaginable strength and beauty.

Now working with PingCAP to polish and refine their ambitious distributed transactional/analytical database systems, his hobby is unleashing chaos onto test clusters, tearing them apart, and making sure they come back together. With a goal to provide a bulletproof database, this is a task that simply must be done. Thankfully, he has a grand time doing it!

Having spent years teaching programming and science to young students, Andrew has hosted hundreds of hands-on workshops with up to 60 attendees. Andrew has also spoken at several meetups including one at Mozilla with 120+ attendees.

As a seasoned conference organizer and participant, Andrew has helped organize everything from 2500 person youth conferences in Northern BC, Canada down to small 200 person community technology conferences in Kyiv, Ukraine.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, August 31

11:00am PDT