Vancouver, BC, Canada
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August 29-31 - Conference
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Elliotte Rusty Harold

Elliotte Rusty Harold is originally from New Orleans to which he returns periodically in search of a decent bowl of gumbo. However, he currently resides in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn with his wife Beth and dog Thor. His books include Java I/O, Java Network Programming, XML in a Nutshell, and Refactoring HTML. He's currently working on open source libraries for the Google Cloud Platform.

He's spoken at CodeOne, Devoxx, EclipseCon, JavaOne, Software Development Expo, Summit 2000, MacFair, OOP, Open Source Summit, XMLDevCon, JavaDevCon, XMLOne, XMLEurope, LunaCon, Extreme Markup Languages, JAOO, Javapolis, JavaZone, STARWest, STPCon, EclipseWorld, XML 2006, and MacWorld, among others.